Want to buy a Scooter? Here is a list of electric Scooter which provides 70 km ride in just 10 rupees.

Electric vehicle, one of the recent initiative to reduce the petrol dependency and control the global air pollution has developed much so far. The country like India and China, where there is a limited resources of petroleum are very much dependent on the oil producing countries. To minimize the dependency, these countries are trying very hard to produce electric vehicle. In India, Automobile companies have a good opportunity to produce electric vehicle.
As assured by several automobile companies in India, they will replace all the petrol vehicle with electric vehicle in a few upcoming years. Till now several vehicles are made and tested, and also released for the trade. Today we are going to discuss electric Scooter available in Indian market.


Few years ago, electric Scooters are not preferred as they provides low speed, but now they are pretty much speedy. Some of them provides a speed of in range 40 to 80 kmph. And the most importantly, they are much cheaper than petrol vehicles.
Here is the list of Top 5 electric vehicles:
1. Ather 450: Ather recently launched Ather 450 for some selected customer in Bengaluru. No doubt, it will available in other cities too. Some other details are given below.


Top 10 Electric Bikes


Price: 1.24 lakhs
Maximum speed: 80 kmph
Battery range: 75 km
Charging time: 4 hour. Fast Charging 1km/hr.
2. Hero electric photon: Hero electric photon comes with two driving modes, Power and Economy. It also has mobile charging point anti-theft alarm and remote lock. Some salient features are given below-




Price: 84,490
Maximum speed: 45 kmph
Battery range: Power mode: 85 km, Economy mode: 110 km
Charging time: 6-8 hours normal charging.
3. Twenty Two Flow: 




Price: 74,740
Maximum speed: 60 kmph
Battery range: 160 km
Charging time: 5 hour normal charging. (supports fast charging also)
4. Hero NYX E5: 




Price: 50,490
Maximum speed: 45 kmph
Battery range: 40 km
Charging time: 4 hour normal charging.
5. Okinawa Praise: As claimed by the company, recently launched this Scooter cost only 10 paise/ km. Main features are given below.



Price: 59,889
Maximum speed: 75 kmph
Battery range: 170-200 km
Charging time: 6-8 hours

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