5 Bollywood movies which will inspire you in many ways

Bollywood is world’s 2nd largest Entertainment market in the world. Numerous movies release each year in Bollywood which are enough to entertain Bollywood audience. Apart from Entertainment some movies also inspires us in many ways. That was a time when television was the best way to spread social messages but the time has change and the methods also, now people tends to watch movies in theatre than the television.
Most Inspiring bollywood movies

So Bollywood movies become one of the most influenced media to spread positivity. There are many movies that inspires us to hard work and succeed. Here i will name 5 such movies that should be watched at least once in your life. If you did not watched these movies then please do watch.

1. Secret Superstar: Zaira Washim and Amir Khan starrer Secret Superstar is one of the best movies for inspiration. The struggle of the girl in the movie is enough to assemble courage to do something you want.

2. Dangal: Another Amir Khan starer this movie portraits a struggle of a middle class family, how they fought for the sportsmanship.

3. Chak De India: The story of Indian Women hockey team. Their struggle for the existence is enough to inspire you.

4. Airlift: Akhshay Kumar starer this movie shows how you can manage all the things in difficult situation.

5. Swadesh: Shah Rukh Khan starer this movie may inspire you to do something for your country.

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