“1.4 billion adults are at risk of diseases from not doing enough physical activity. 34 percent Indians are not healthy”, says WHO

On recent study release, World Health Organisation (WHO) says that around 1.5 billion adults globally are physically inactive and are in high risk of diseases. The study says 34 percent of Indians are physically unfit. Which adds, 24.7 percent male and 43% female in India are not physically active. That means every 4 women out of 10 are unfit while every 2 out of 10 men are physically unfit in India.

Physical exercise

While globally every 5th person is physically inactive. The world wide data has no improvement since 2001 and has a increasing graph as more people are added every year. Physical inactiveness among people is one of the major problem and one of the major thread of illness.

The initial target set of 10 percent declination in the data through the year 2025 is somehow becomes very hard to achieve if the current trends continues. Worldwide every 3rd women and every 4th men are not doing enough physical exercise which is leading to serious diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, and some cancers etc.

The increment rate among developed countries is very high, almost 5%. The study conducted in 2016 suggests, 40% of adults in the United States, 36% in the UK and 14% in China were insufficiently active. While adults in Kuwait, American Samoa, Saudi Arabia and Iraq are found physically unfit in high rate. Almost 50% of Adults in these countries are affected.

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